Thursday, May 7, 2009

Write The Certificate


Not that I would not have enough bad qualities, but the older I get, the unpunctual I will. This is therefore a problem because I absolutely can not stand being late actually, I am always very uncomfortable when I go somewhere to arrive late (which is why I would rather fail a course and leave as late as turn over). I think it would be otherwise a problem, but it is an even bigger one. For example, now: I had actually said, I'm at 20.30 with Felix, because of Football. But I will, for example, just because I still write a blog post, I'm dressed wrong, again into the bathroom wants to get something to drink and maybe a sub ... well, time estimate, in any case be too late for Felix. Kick missed, perhaps even three goals and everything. At least I go out but still look rather than the football to the exercises to be easy to fly.


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