Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tender Breast- Meaning

Alsfeld, asshole friends, Ainkaufen (Stupid Alliterationszwang)

Actually, the Uli wants something else to read the blog, but there's not much more today, but once again the must - serve daily routine - quite unusual.

For one I have grown extremely up early, with a dose of panic in the luggage. Before me, my - at last arrived - new phone that is told that it is only 7.40 clock, I thought it would be again 12 times or so. So I was pleasantly surprised but then ... and I've put down again 30 minutes, hehe. Later, Andi / y reported to me. His features were going to Alsfeld so stupid meh and muh and everything. Well, in the end I did then let me suggest this wide to ride him, I'm not a monster. Since then phoned the Uli, because of boredom and so on. I've offered him to come with Alsfeld to him then but understood so that it under all kinds of points of contact at 12 back in casting has to be ... this should prove to be incorrect, as called Andi / y and I had been before Reiskirchen and Uli, where I would be for please. Hm Well turned, Uli collected, after Alsfeld. As taken only when Andi / y his jacket (body finds just that I do not have an entry to the house party / i at the Andi / y've made on Friday. But he has a friend who looks like Jürgen Klopp and one that looks a little like Heath Ledger. Find Felix and me.), He wanted to buy shoes and Uli the Steffen via ICQ Mobile still write "tail". Moderately funny, I think, but ... oh, well, actually quite funny, hehe (now imagine you, as I write the whole thing here, just stop short, thinking about it and begin to giggle. Such was the degree of). Well, then cut back on the road and in Romrod stopped to buy strawberries and raspberries, which we then ate while driving. Somehow, it my new, light pants without even managed to stain again after casting ... ah yes, interesting question in the margin: Who außer'm Uli please still believes it would Aaaaalsfeld with a long "a" in the beginning? That means "Alsfeld," such as "When I fall down what" at. Who else sees revelers are please with the comments.

Well, in any case, the question is why two friends always unite against? Christian and Uli, Andi / y and Uli, Felix and Christian, Chris and Andi / y ... maybe I've also just asshole friends. Would indeed be an alternative. At least I can always join forces with Uli's parents when he once again not put out the garbage and I'm watching the MiL with him, hehehe. Well. In any case, only the Uli delivered, then the Andi / y delivered, then home to college, back home, the gym, at times even after half an eternity to train again, not only to pay, back home. And now here. Somehow, everything pretty unspectacular.

Now I like but my shopping day yesterday. After the lecture Eurre II (Ms. Britz: "Is this discrimination against" ... silence ... 30 seconds later: "Is this that discrimination?" ... Silence ... I'm writing: "Yes. "!" right "- Uni can be so easy) we namely fourth (Andi / y, Claudi, Felix, I drove) to Toom, where we bit of a through the bookshelves rioted, with all the usual jokes: not Claudi! left to the vegetables, the busy Andi / y always drove the cart like this ... hehe ... Be a student is great. Later called the Uli if we do not want to go shopping would. Was not. Instead, buy later mit'm Toni have been buying the kind of under my instructions clearly clever, because otherwise it is always a bit haphazard running through the shelves ... But hey, I like the Toni.


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