Friday, May 15, 2009

Cough With Green Phlegm Should I See A Doctor

mobile frustration and 30 +

I'm just pissed difficult. Got up, went into the shower, then heard it ringing. "Who can that be?" I asked myself ... and decided that I either a funny "call to, then we come again" would have cards in the mailbox or a person would report again. What? Shit! My stupid new phone will be sent only to me as a post-ident, that I must present my ID card. Much worse is: I can not call the driver, but must wait until tomorrow until it's there! Argh! How I hate such things ... there would be no problem if I do not know them, but the Tata thing that I know now that I had my phone may have already pisses me off FULL. Argh.

before yesterday with Christian and Felix were in harmony. Unfortunately, Chris and I made the strategic error to exchange our tickets for the Werder block that we had bought on eBay, for cards in one of the SGE block. So then all five goals were scored on the other side and I am strengthened in consciousness, and this year just to have a fucking karma for sports teams. Maybe I should go to Wetzlar, so that the descent - or the harmony paid me for it, that I now all the games of Bielefeld see. After the game, then the SMS Uli has plaintively asked to be picked up from the Eichendorffring to be moved to Haarlem. No sooner said than done: From drove to Eichendorffring and look to see what is going on. Birthday party of irgendwemim residence, soso. Uli Simon, Baschti, they all were there. And Uli was in the beginning still relatively sober ... at once the boy goes pee and comes back as if he had alcohol McHol personally. But its really hard to limit the Uli then things started to decorate the entire home cooking with detergent that an estimated 5-liter bottle because standing around. Then he has not molested two Russians who had instructed him to make them last time drinks they were thirsty. Well, sort of understandable. Oh, and the sister of the Freya was too ... and recognized me, because I had studied law with her sister. Uli was the first but not worth remembering ... hehe.

then drove to Uli and Jan Briel (not the teacher, fellow student from Uli) for McD. Since Ulis alcohol was then finally felt as if he rumsaute with his drink and things like that. But for that I gave him a Big Mac radical, the more I wanted to eat, they cross the face. That was sooooo funny ... Jan has meanwhile babble other customers. Was also funny. Haarlem wanted to but no more, so we're just a bit over the place down and have people gegurkt from here to there, including the Simon. It happened but nothing more exciting. Oh wait, however, we have Ricky and Luke made by Ricky, I have also called promptly Sun Was funny ... for me, hehe.

A prospos Ricky: When we looked at noon yesterday when Uli Assi TV, Ulis mother has provided us with the birthday cake by Ricky's Mom. The bank was gone by the delicious, from the Brownie of the rhubarb crumble to the strawberry-custard tarts, d ass I've eaten and the TOTAL was delicious. Now, if I had one like that anger over the phone would be almost smoky. Yesterday evening, Uli and Janos in the direction of Haarlem to Lio-Abiparty been persuaded. Well, I have seldom felt as old as yesterday - and so big. This dwarfs all but at most there were 16! The dance as usual to "Mmmbop" by Hanson because no longer know which's from the past! Hach ... it's all nothing more. On gekickert two rounds with the guys (in a game was already almost 0:5, then 5:5, giant hole in the middle! If you are what keeps ...). The Janos would incidentally be called Slowhand Peteri. Or something with Terry. And often in hand Peteri Fast. Although I recognize at all, not sure if that so has the potential nicknames such as "ferrets" or "Andi / y", but if at some point I should just write by Slow Hand, you know, who I mean. Well, in the end somehow it was not necessarily the highlight of the Party of art, but I was also pretty in the bucket and went early. Btw. Can anyone explain why the 30 + parties in Agostea for people aged 27 are? Must then just look older, or does "üngefähr 30"? The question must be asked. Now I like it "U20 - Germany, your teens. Since yesterday we went to war with a divorce and we were presented with even more stupid stupid daughters mothers. Hach.

Finally, a sad announcement to the Women's World: The coamings is off the market. Yes, the sills, located in the university presented with "Hi, I am the sills and am solo. From the market. More information will follow as soon as I got.


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