Sunday, May 10, 2009

How To Open A Numeric Lock On My Suitcase

The ugly fats from the primary school

In recent days, where I have not blogged is me again noticed something. More than the technology- objectors, some time ago that I ever "idiot" referred to have me going lately that talk bad on the nerves, the new features. That is, not surprisingly, an example from the StudiVZ-World: Since you have at some time in the last week, I think, introduced relatively useless feature called "bush telegraph". Not only that the name is totally stupid, it's not even a new feature, but simply moved the "Mr. X is just ..."- message on my home page, where I have every day with the birthdays of people who I hardly know, am confronted. Meanwhile, it has felt comfortable with the creators of which also irritated to know no more, when the ugly fat from the school that one has geaddet only out of kindness, birthday has, and so can retract the list now.

annoying about the whole thing was, however, as the day about one million people were doing nothing but getting upset about the fact that they now see on their home page is no longer at first glance, when the very ugly fat because now Birthday added. And then again the king's discipline: The statement in which it makes clear that a not at all interested, what all his friends StudiVZ just like this and how ridiculous are those who post their activities here.

Why does it go now so on the bag? On the one hand recognize those who post such things, either do not want them just anything To do other than tell their friends that they just get angry about a new feature. Alternatively, they think they are much cooler than they really are a cynic now. On the other hand they make it clear that they did not understand the exact meaning of a social network. Those things we should namely hold quasi constantly about our friends on the run, whether it be the relationship status of the sister is your best friend that you have geaddet because you find them hot, or the fact that your old school buddy who is now in Hamburg and through with his new friends sitting at the port (or the fact that I once blogged again, hehe). Therefore, my three pieces of advice to the "Wow, fuck self-promoter, what interest's me "Group:

a) you logs out of Facebook / StudiVZ / Myspace / Shows that ye be influenced by all the peer pressure not leave just because your friends are in there, you have to.. its not there in it!
b) Deletes at last the ugly fat from the school, whose life you do not always interested, and all the other friends that you have only because of the number of your friends in the list. Even if which means that the UIT Trömsö soon no longer in your list is.
or c) Read over it and keep holding the door.

for my part I will now eat the same . Go But I will not write in my message StudiVZ ... there is after all the advertising for the entry in here.


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