Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stickers For Duncan Fearnley Magnum

Liar, liar - pants on fire

Heike (22:38):
biscuit and I have ne sexual relationship ... just for your blog you buckler!! cindy

If one now considers the fact that the biscuit in front of about five hours compared to the same that Uli has vehemently denied (text follows hopefully after), then of course that is very amusing as one lies very obvious. And no matter whether it is Cindy or the biscuit now, to speculate on the reasons for the lies is certainly highly entertaining and should any large gathering of people in the coming days will come.

PS: Grade (2.30 clock) is still heard today that Ricky had a date. Details of the "with whom" and another should of course be forwarded to contact me.


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