Saturday, April 25, 2009

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My Friday night

Oh yes ... the Janos has complained about my last posts, what I interpret as meaning that he would rather have another "The I-have-done-yesterday-evening-plus-gossip-and-gossip" item. And hey, who I would reject it? presented in the following words of the masters of self-representation his Friday evening:

We all connect Greece with basketball hooligans, garlic in food and the idea that "Hellas" means something like "Hello" (which is nonsense selbstverfreilich). For me personally, Greece of course, mainly with Nico, I have therefore called last night to agree on further action. My favorite Greek was indeed just come fresh from the shower, but without hesitation immediately went to the mobile phone, which brought me to the question of what it really takes everything as the bathroom. In any case, we agreed on the Ulo, the question of the time Nico responded with "Eija, so about 30 minutes." About 15 seconds later marched in Fab Nicos room, he took away the phone and drove the Greeks to hurry to "Hey Nico, we have all been finished, waiting for what you? ", which is why I ask" When are you going? "" Immediately, we are all already done, we are just waiting for Nico "" Really? To me he said something about 'half an hour ... "" Waaaaaaaas? Half an hour, are you stupid ...?" hehe ....

In any case, with Nico, Tobi and Fab taken from the bank and off to Ulenspiegel. The Jana made at the time was totally in New Zealand ( Here's my DIY Tips for New Zealand to make yourself.... brought buy kiwis, sheep now go to the sea Done), stamp and put in the beer garden views Is anybody noticed that the benches are there made for third-graders not that I do not care? could have been because I was quick-witted set to 'nen plastic chair would have, but oh well ... In any case, came as the Cindy, the new connection to the biscuit I would like to have mentioned here. Finally I arrived at noon in the office, where I have been alerted about this news (from my top-secret informants DB). Soso, Cindy and the biscuit ... I mean, I can not say much more, but hey, Cindy and biscuit. Do you do something out of it! I can now no longer so unobtrusively introduce the cafeteria, as it was: the sills ... Cindy tried the way with a warning that it would now also a teacher at the U + Ostschule, divert the attention. Shabby attempt, I think.

some point, after the second orange juice, it started to rain so we had the beer garden to the Ulo-inside. There I also met one day, Ben, Mo and the Janos, especially the John, with whom I was reminded of our funny mob evening. After a certain time nonsense I met again with Tobi and Fabi at the bar Esther and Anastasia, were waiting in turn to Adrian (you think that would be confusing dropping? Ha! Once I watch a soap opera-Trailer!). I confined myself to the competent speeches of nonsense at some point we went dancing but pure. This went well until Fab felt he would umschubsen me. My ankle had loose but this is not noticed, I left wrinkle away, ouch. At first the pain was just like a tape (to) crack, but now I know that nothing is done. But is it swollen, but not so strong. Nevertheless, for the rest of the time was burdened with nothing more fun jumping around, but once again more or less (probably less) cool standing around in the area do not nod and left leg. Was also okay. Is now doing well does not hurt so much. Eventually everyone was gone except the Daniel, Esther and Anastasia. Because of Daniel, but had their own friends with whom he went about it, I'm with the two women then went to my car in order to drive home. Gentleman, I can not help it. My sweatshirt did I then temporarily also be pressed against Anastasia, because her coat was gone. (Total funny and descriptive, once again the madness of H & M: The two look her jacket, Esther engages in a coat that hangs beside it, the jacket found in the sleeves, also had size 40 was, stop beer soaked ... but well, was the jacket. Until about five seconds later, a nasty, nagging Biatch ahead, "Eeeeeey ... that 'my coat," and things like "insolence blabla ... give ...'s so not' 'babbling goes away. Long live individuality!). Auf'm way back to me then I finally indulged in something to eat ... and then I've yet to meet the Uli, who built up the market stall. So the circle closes.

I am, moreover, certain that Janos will be of the opinion that this entry represents some of the dependencies of the past wrong, inaccurate and / or inadequately dar. But since he is always very comment happy, I am sure that he will complete them if necessary ...


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