Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best Treatment Of Ocd In India

night stories

Actually, I lay in bed on Monday, has called as Andi / y. Ulenspiegel, come here and stuff. Well, what had I got to lose (except for bedtime) and I thought waddled through the rain until I am music cellar (you can get something really well outside of casting? Haarlem, Ulo, home - everything, "Keller music. Hm had arrived). And I was completely confused. People (women) that I did not know, conversations that I conducted, the weather and my mobile phone, all mixed in an attempt to stand in line and to act at the same time funny and eloquent. I failed kollossal. Below've arrived, I met Frieda, which was not as drunk as I have said today at the university. Actually, she was sober. But hey, drunk is what all want to believe ... well, actually threw quite funny. Only my body was going down already so that I was apathetic than usual at the end I got the "Slightly drunk" AK only to Döner food accompanied and then brought into the home. Since I wanted but not really clean, actually I wanted to because, after all, already so three or four hours sleep. Was really nice, so with Aki, Frieda, Andi / y, Felix, Tamara, and two plays, "Sorry-I-know-but-still-the-we-get-even-have-taken-but-please-let- someone-like-your-name-say-so-I-must-not-ask. "

Instead of going to labor, I woke up at about 12 clock so on the next day now and then thought "Moaaaah ... no." Went online, Felix comes online "Hey, I've decided today is lecture-free" (that he, not me. I was later !)... still in company law well, and we spontaneously think to start a campus newspaper. A cool, funny, brilliant campus newspaper. The sides we get full, we have ideas, we also believe it would be financially viable. Now we need only a name and seriousness. Suggestions for a name are always welcome. Later, they released by the Catherine and Josie, which brings me to the question of why so often I can tell from visiting wife and only so rarely successful experiences. Well. Hm I think the answer I will not hear at all.

Yesterday evening, just as it does the day before yesterday, I will actually get into bed, as Andi writes / y give me in ICQ, hey, photos with Patze? And since I know that Patze rumträgt a digital SLR with it, I was immediately there. made at the swan pond with a long exposure at work and FH-parking deck cool photos. Results are soon. Oh, and Uli had asked if I would pick him up at night, possibly Agostea. Had I but then not.

Today far too much Uni ... But hey, somehow it makes me more fun than it was last. Study is quite a cool thing in itself. The topic I'll pick me but for the campus newspaper. Or here if we should bury the idea of campus newspaper. First equal to the university basketball. Ballin ftw!


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