Monday, June 1, 2009

Difference Between Figment And Realm


Jaha ... I know. I have time left. But after an evening in Haarlem, where they have at the end really had any impression that I had drunk, then come again a few cold hard facts on the table ... or so.

- Pizza: Janos and Lotta wanted to share the day before yesterday night a pizza. The thing cut into six pieces, each two pieces eaten, then says Janos, "Honey, We will leave the rest for tomorrow morning." In the middle of the night, a voice of Janos' Ear ... "Honey ... Schaa-Haatz ... I can eat my piece now?"

- Kaugummifail: conversation between Ben and Janos Maik.
Janos: "I recently read in StudiVZ, it is chewing gum that taste like penis."
Maik: "Why do you not then so that, having tasted pussy?"
Ben: "Nene ... it tastes different."
(For those who do not recognize the joke: How does someone () Ben, tastes like penis ...?)

- Hydraulikfail: Maik has a new bunk bed. I wonder sometimes spontaneously in the round, if it were a hydraulic high-bed, which would keep all those present for pretty cool. Only the Maik checked out. "Yes, I could adjust the then depending on the size of the woman."

- Penis II: According to Ben's own statements and Percy come to the mouth on her sex organ. Where we believe the Percy nor that it extends only his foreskin, ahem.

- If you are in camp preparatory meeting, you should not fall asleep drunk in the tent. Otherwise you may wake up from head to toe in green Edding again painted on. Asks Janos' sister.

- Click here now comes a video showing how I cut Alica yesterday a pony. At least then, if the hen it finally sets in Youtube. And since it is already!


Limitless (16:19):
Do not be like so intolerable, where you been tonight who is not on your mobile are you penis :-)
Uli (16:19):
yes it would be nothing at eh rum came
Uli (16:20):
what was there with the höllle ITCHEN was going on and you were?
Limitless (16:21):
oh, ben janos, who, I ... haarlem ... until 5:30 or so ... went to the suspicion that you had had sex, when we called
Uli (16:21):
so so

He has not said no, I see the right ...?

- And finally, even the ultimate statement in which one realizes that's just come home late, if it's so bright out there that you try three times to turn off your bedside lamp, and you always wonder, why is it not in the room darker, but your lamp is at once an .. .


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