Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cleansers Wth Salicyic Acid

At the party - with jokes undesirable

should really be here, yes, an entry in which I explain why were here as long as no more new entries. Instead, I'm going to tomorrow due to recent events (or so) deal with it.

Today was first rained tremendously, plus most of a day in bed, where I indulged myself in the world in my dreams, only interrupted by two phone calls from David, but which I did not register until late evening, but but pushes away. It turned out that David wanted to Metro, but since I am not, is the irrelevant. I am the fact instead Karstadt run because the baker was not what I wanted, so I decided to buy me like something right. Unfortunately (and this here is not really the right word), I was intercepted on the way Mrs Stabler-sleeper at the SPD level, so my food intake was delayed because the Carmen and I had to chat for now. And as you can say what you want, even though we are two in class so do not come along with each other, the Carmen is in itself a totally nice and cool person that is beyond question. Rarely have I had another teacher who was so professional and work separate from each person and has given the controversy when going out at the classroom door. Whether I choose now but the SPD is an open question.

Later break from street festival, the "feast for the old people" (Jan). After the band (read: Jan, Fischi, Uli, Ben, Janos, Maik, Mo, Lotta, Timur, Kai, James, Jon, Baschti, Romans, Chriss, Benni) have been taken by and by all times, is being Ulis Father forced to some of the people voluntarily spend time for a beer. The sills, who was with his other friends since tried to have the Free-alcohol dranzuhängen train, but was with the parade, "Go eat a pork sausage first" father of Ulis ausgekontert pretty cool. Klaus 1-0 coamings. The beer would have but he still get unless he had gone a short time later, easy. Then I after I had the meantime Felix drove to the train station, trying to dissuade Maik make his cross all links ... I wonder if what has become. Eventually, it was then but for me, after Wieseck birthday party. There were countless people from various circles (university, basketball, school) are present, only Janos and Uli were not invited. Why? These rumors were circulating three: 1 Janos and Uli at parties steal and destroy things. 2. Janos and Uli were in Fab Hs rumgesprungen bed when he was not there. If he belonged. 3. Äääh ... forgotten. Damn. The two appeared, but anyway, but Uli affected all but not before Sun Who had disappeared without a trace sometime on the phone and had just announced yet, I would not even say goodbye, if I were he. Whatever that means.

Then at some point but it came to a head: In light of the fact that I had heard rumors, I wanted to just give some clarity and have Tobi Auradniczek addressed, whether he is even time for a private conversation would have. Did he at some point actually, so I could ask him whether he had finally, rumgemacht also times with my sister added. A drunk, but completely blank look and left a few seconds later, but still a "yes" the feeding door, gave me time for a "Hmm Okay." and then the Gepöbel was also going on already, what I would imagine as to provide as questions of who I would have been fake and a slap in the face. Well, since I was exceptionally not quarrel was, and had Mr. Auradniczek as residents of the home, I wanted to really do not escalate, but placed only been once again that I wonder what I want - and then I was then Mr Auradniczek made the party. This is now recorded a further person to whom I have in my life may very well do without.

front of the house first then I got a lot of encouragement and amazingly clearly formulated in the case of chicken (though indeed not quite sober) was before the time was exceptionally Percy really funny:

ME: blablabla ... kicked out ... blablabla ... Sister ...
Percy: You have 'a sister?
Me: Yes.
Percy: What is the name for the next?
I: Äääh ... also bird?
Percy: Yes, you know, my first name with me ...
Me: Oh. Anna.
Percy: Oh ... Shit.

That was funny and cool, so we should see Percy not only as the little boy who comes to his own penis with the mouth, but also the one who is sometimes funny.

Any addenda to this entry follow.


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