Monday, August 4, 2008

Different Typesof Labia


love friends and friends of the workers' welfare, dear Jugendwerkler, dear lovers and dear visitor to this blog,

I want you all warmly welcome you and give you an insight into the type, which is the early work. The Youth Workers 'Welfare Association (AWO) casting the independent children's and youth organizations within the workers' welfare casting. We understand our role as both political and pedagogical. As a political interest group, the youth work makes to life circumstances, interests, problems within our catchment area and particularly on the rights of children and youth and attempts continuously into the political discussion and decision-making process to bring. We are committed to the principles of social democracy, which means for us:

freedom, justice and solidarity.

Our goal is to represent the interests of children, adolescents and young adults and their concerns in the public attention. We therefore commit ourselves to the participation of children and young people in social and political processes, one human, just and caring society, against racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and extremism, and against poverty of children and young people and their social exclusion. The youth work is and will remain politically and religiously independent, and we try to cooperate with other democratic youth organizations. Self-organization, voluntary service, voluntary and professional work, but also support for young people, practical field work and policy positions are the cornerstones of our business.

Our approach involves three key concepts that we associate closely:

practice: practical work on site at the problem areas (such as homework help at schools)

Education : Recon and education (seminars, working groups, group work, etc.)

policy : political education work at the individual, but also in the form of political claims and statements

Thus, our Association an association of young people, based on the principle of membership and of cooperating. The focus of the tasks of the youth work is also in the group work with children and young people. The social youth work and political education in the youth work is part-of-school children and youth education. Target groups of our educational action are the first children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, young apprentices and young unemployed persons with or without a migration background, but also immigrant children and people are with disabilities to our target groups with which we in this holiday trips, seminars, group work, youth clubs, committee work, political activities, neighborhood activities, school partnerships, game mobile operations do occur, etc. in an educational dialogue and discourse.

Our offers are open to all children and young people. Traditionally, they are however especially to children and young people who are affected by social inequality and material poverty.
At this point I would again like all visitors to our site and welcome you all enjoy browsing through our blog.


Robert Wycislo
Director and Chairman of the AWO Youth Organization casting


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